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Statement of Advisement

The information on this website and any services or advisement provided by any individual working for or in the name of Mathenum are only for generic tips and techniques for learning and such is for informational purposes only. The above information and any advice from anyone working for or in the name of Mathenum should not be used for therapy purposes nor replace council from professional, licensed medical doctors or licensed psychologists. Mathenum’s services or advisement from anyone working for or in the name of Mathenum do not guarantee any such advice (provided or implied) will be effective for your case. No diagnosis, implied diagnosis or treatment is being provided by the use of this website or any service provided by persons working for or in the name of Mathenum. The use of this website or services rendered does not constitute nor offer any specific medical or psychological advice whatsoever to anyone and is not intended for that use. This website is not responsible for any misinterpretation of the information provided within this website or any consequences resulting from the use of this website. This website takes no responsibility for any websites that may be linked to this website nor imply any relationships or endorsements to any linked website. Any services rendered, any advice rendered, and any information on this website cannot be used to imply any medical or psychological condition. Please see a licensed medical doctor, a licensed psychiatrist, or a licensed psychologist for diagnosis and/or therapy recommendations for any learning differences.